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Basset Hounds, Children's Activities, Coloring Pages, and More!

Welcome to a place where laughter and positivity always come first. And don't forget about the animals! At, we're all about happiness—and nothing brings more happiness than adorable animal buddies! We simply want people to live joyfully, starting by printing out our awesome dog-themed coloring pages for an afternoon of excitement or follow our perfect play dough recipe for a fun sculpting experience. We are also known for creating videos of people exercising with animals. Soon, we will be releasing our Paw Scriptures.

There are so many ways to laugh and enjoy time with your family, friends, and pets. So get out there and start giggling!

Quote of the Month

"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language." - Martin Buber

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About Us

We are an adopted family of dogs, goats, parrots, a horse, and a mini-donkey—but you can call us the Basset Brigade and the Mayfields. All of us live together under one roof with mom and dad. Well, everyone except for Toy the Horse, Brooks the Mini-Donkey, and Chocolate the horned goat. They have their own barn to relax in! The rest of us sleep in the big house ("Me too," says Rusti, "my name is Rusti, and I am a goat!").

We animals live in a wonderful wacky world of wonderful humans (say that five times fast!). Mom has agreed to help us accomplish our dreams and share our adventures. She says that she doesn't want to be known as the 'crazy animal lady,' so we want to help her make her dreams come true too!

Please have fun learning about us as we continue on this adventure. We are excited to share all of our stories and coloring pages with you, and we hope you liked us enough to share us with your paw buddies! Love,

Goldie, Missy, Heidi, Cowboy, Catalina, Cooder, Fred, Raeni, Harry, Billy Bob, Cort, Chocolate, Toy, Brooks, Rusti, and the Basset Brigade

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